The now defunct trio Kobert with Ingrid Lode on vocals and Erik Nylander on drums was one of my main projects for some time, playing the organ, composing and exploring different synthesizer sounds in an adventurous pop idiom.
During the years 2003-2011 Kobert recorded and released four CDs: the concentrated poetic debut “Glowing” (norcd 2006) with lyrics by Emily Dickinson; the orchestral and eclectic commission work at the Molde Jazz Festival 2008 which I composed and arranged for Trondheim Jazz Orchestra – recreated and rearranged as a studio recording by Propeller producer Kåre Vestrheim on the CD “Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Kobert” (mnjrec 2009); the self produced avant-pop studio album “Invasion of Privacy” (Impeller 2009) with lyrics by fellow musician Siri Gjære; and finally the completely improvised “Off the Hook” (Øra fonogram 2011) which came about after a tour with Kobert featuring guitarist Stian Westerhus in 2010.
Kobert & Stian Westerhus 2010:

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