Orchestra of Speech

The Orchestra of Speech is a part sound installation, part instrument, one-man-band performance concept coming out of my doctoral artistic research project entitled “The Music of Language and Language of Music”.
The project was carried out between 2013-2017 at the Music Department of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, as a part of the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme.

In short, the “Orchestra of Speech” concept consists of a software for ‘orchestrating’ speech into music in real time. The software is connected to a system of transducers mounted onto acoustic instrument, resulting in a multichannel hybrid electroacoustic orchestra.

The whole project is documented in full on the project site http://orchestraofspeech.com
Both software, videos from performances, and written documentation and reflection is freely available at the site.

Solo improvisation with the Orchestra of Speech performance concept:

Video: Alice Winnberg