In June I am playing with the Great Learning Orchestra, a Swedish ensemble collective that has been performing various contemporary classics for the ast 17 years. During 10 days we will perform the whole choral work “The Great Learning” by British composer Cornelius Cardew with performances in Trondheim, Stockholm and Helsinki. This 7 part 9 hour work is seldom performed in its entirety, and all parts have probably never been performed like this in the nordic countries at least.
The Trondheim performances of paragraph 3 and 4 was organized as part of a symposium on Cardew and the Scratch Orchestra, with living legends of the AMM John Tilbury, Keith Rowe and Howard Skempton visiting to talk about their experiences with playing this music and working with Cardew.

Below is a video of paragraph 3 and 4, performed in Lademoen Church in Trondheim with me playing the church organ: