In June I am playing with the Great Learning Orchestra, a Swedish ensemble collective that has been performing various contemporary classics for the ast 17 years. During 10 days we will perform the whole choral work “The Great Learning” by British composer Cornelius Cardew with performances in Trondheim, Stockholm and Helsinki. This 7 part 9 hour work is seldom performed in its entirety, and all parts have probably never been performed like this in the nordic countries at least.
The Trondheim performances of paragraph 3 and 4 was organized as part of a symposium on Cardew and the Scratch Orchestra, with living legends of the AMM John Tilbury, Keith Rowe and Howard Skempton visiting to talk about their experiences with playing this music and working with Cardew.

A clip from paragraph 3, performed in Lademoen Church in Trondheim (sound is not working all the way yet):


Great to be part of violinist Ola Kvernberg’s new project called “Steamdome”, a rhythmical machine featuring three drummers, two organs, bass, guitars and violin. Coming out of Ola’s work with music for movies, this steam engine of a group is painting wide horizons with it’s cinematic music. Premiered at Trondheim Jazz Festival in May 2016 and to be played at Molde Int. Jazzfestival in July as well as a planned recording session and tour during the coming year.
Clip from Troneheim Jazz Fest:


Did a great premiere of a new work co-composed by saxophonist Sissel Vera Pettersen and american drummer John Hollenbeck, written for the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and performed at the Trondheim Jazz festival may 2016. Will be performed at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in July as well, hopefully with more performances coming up!
Here is a short clip from the Trondheim performance.


In the past year I have been busy as a research fellow in the doctoral level “Norwegian Artistic Research Programme”, an academic program funding practice based artistic research. My research project is called “The music of language and language of music”, and deals with the musical content of speech, trying to utilize it as a direct source for creating new music. This idea is a kind of continuation of the way I have used dialogue as a method and metaphor in my “Hammond Dialogue” concert series and recordings earlier.
I have set up a researcher’s blog at where this project will be documented with music, findings, thoughts and background research.


The new record “Amor & Labor” by Formo Tre & Metall is now available as CD and download!
The recording was listed on Europe Jazz Media Chart for october, and a nice early review in Bergens Tidende describes the music as a “vital and engaging drive of improvisation” by a “strong and original band”
Some more nice reviews: “Formo Tre & Metall is an excellent quartet with a bold vision.”
Adresseavisen: “He plays the B3 with a scope and a melodic sensitivity that makes it a joy to listen to”
Dagsavisen: “Det er ei sprudlande oppkome av eit album” “Formo has created a band and a sound unlike anything else on the musical horizon”
Dag og Tid: “Det er noko stoffleg og handgripeleg i musikken som er både uvanleg og tankevekkjande”


Trondheim Jazz Orchestra’s “Sidewalk Comedy” show baffled crowds at the jazz festivals of Ottawa and Rochester NY this weekend, with absurd physical theater and 1930’s inspired jazz performed in this avant garde blend of genres and artforms.
Reviews: Rochester City Newspaper, D&C


Great music last night with Nils Henrik Asheim playing the huge organ in the newly finished Stavanger Concert Hall, beautifully lit with live video projections. I also had the best view with my hammond placed neatly on the balcony. Also playing this evening was Adrian Tvedten on synthesizers, Pål Asle Pettersen on electronics, and Unni Løvlied singing with Liv Runesdatter and Stine Janvin Motland accompanying on glass. More at Stavanger aftenblad


After a great debut tour my new quartet “Formo Tre&Metall” will be recording its first album in march. For now, you can check out some live recordings


My new triple album “Hammond Dialogues” is now available for download at and iTunes, also available as limited edition triple-CD for mail order by contacting me directly.
Some reviews are also starting to show up:
Bergens Tidende: “This is electroacoustic contemporary improvisation rich in ideas”;
Svenska Dagbladet: “in the dynamic duo (…) they make the sounds both sparkle and shine mightily” “The quartet becomes (…) a free improvised unit of the best kind, formulating captivating, rich language and almost telepathic interplay” “Hammond B3 is a greater benefit to mankind than were penicillin, air conditioning and microwave. Daniel confirms this with absolute distinction”


In february 2013 I will tour in Norway and Sweden with my new quartet called Formo Tre&Metall featuring Mattias Ståhl on vibraphone, Eirik Hegdal on saxophone and Erik Nylander on drums and wood chops. At the same time I will release a triple album based on my work with the Hammond Dialogues project, containing a solo Hammond recording, a live duo recording with Nils Henrik Asheim on church organ, and another live recording featuring Lene Grenager on cello, Michael Duch on double bass and Bergmund Skaslien on viola.